Monday, December 22, 2014

Batik Malaysia – A “must have” souvenir

The 5 Elements
Batik essentially is an art form translated onto a piece of textile through a meticulous and unique method, usually depicting the local flora and fauna. The word Batik is derived from the Javanese word “titik” translated in English meaning “dots” which describes the process of wax application during the whole process.
The technique involved in the creation of Batik is a combination of wax canting and dip dyeing, none of which is automated, resulting in a unique and distinct design for each and every piece of work. The amount of work being put into creating a piece of Batik depends on the type of pattern the artist would like to achieve, with some being so complicated and detailed that it could take up to a year to finish up the whole process from start to finish.
Although the Batik is closely related to the Java Island of Indonesia, which is where it is originally created, what makes the Malaysian Batik unique and distinct from it’s Javanese counterpart is the usage of manual brush strokes. The use of bright and lighter hue of color also gives it an unmistakable persona compared to the usually deep and somber design of the Javanese Batik.
The Batik cloth is more commonly associated to a formal event, and even weddings due to the traditional aura that it exudes, portraying the local culture that is perfect for the occasion. Nevertheless, it is now widely modernized by designers, combining a modern touch to create a wonderful mix that is translated to a wide variety of creations that includes household items such as drapes, tables runners, and many more.
Finding a Batik is never a hassle in Malaysia, especially if you’re in the vicinity of places such as the famous Central Market, known locally as Pasar Seni. The home of many local arts and crafts, tourists and visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping for the weird and wonderful, Batik included. Located just 5 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, our guests at The 5 Elements Hotel can easily reach the destination to explore more on the art of Batik.
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